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Thane Municipal Corporation

  • Description

    NP Infoserve Technologies Pvt Ltd is involved in providing custom developed software for its critical area where management of papaer work and revenue collection is very critical and hence management is unable to control or get the insight. We are have already provided them following solutions.

    • Water Department
    • This is a web based software to approve new water connection. It has following feature Filling the application and upload all the necessary document. This is done by Plumber. Once done it automatically reflects on clark login Clark check for information entered online and opens the document uploaded. If found ok then submit. Once done it appears on Junior Engineer Login Junior engineer checks the detail Online and gets the feasibility done and enters the estimated charge if the connection is feasible. Once done it appears on Deputy Engineer Login Deputy engineer check the details online. Once done it appears on Executive Engineer Login Executive engineer check the details online. Executive engineer has final authority to approve upto 1 Inch else confirms in the system for deputy City Engineer to approve. Deputy City engineer check the details online. Which is a single window with all information like applicant detail, Connection detail, Documents, Estimated charge and the remarks entered by all the officers. If found correct then he approves for processing. Approval letter is generated for payment at CFC.

    • Accounts Department
    • This is a web based software to manage budget approved. It has following feature Upload feature for all department, its function, and creation of budget head including amount approved by General Body for each budget head Create work Prastav and once approved create a work. When a work is created then the budget amount allocated gets reduced by sum of previous year spill over amount and the current work proposal amount. Create work directly without going through Work Prastav. Payment and its print out in various formats as per budget department. Budget report which gives clear picture of budget allocated, Spill over amount, current year amount used and balance for new work to be taken. Facesheet budget code wise which gives detail report of each work and balance.

    • IT Department
    • This is a web based software to manage Proposal approval from one department to another. This software tracks every stage of approval / rejection with remarks. Outlook like feature is provided to write a detail proposal followed by attaching internal documents as primary and contractor proposal as secondary reference. The proposal moves to next level automatically as reporting structure is maintained in HRMS software. Once the proposal / Prastav or any notice approval is sanctioned the document can be printed in the same format the way TMC maintains. This system will also reduce the load of Budget / Accounts department in not entering the data 2nd time.

    • Budget Department
    • This is a web based software to manage billing against the work done. System works on Mobile to track the Latitude and Longitude including the photograph of the site. In future the system will stop any activity executed in the same area hence reduce duplicate / false billing. Ensure all the work executed is register in time and under single database. Provide reports and Dashboard of utilization.

    • IT / Establishment Department
    • Consolidation of employee detail. Approval system for changes made to self detail. Upload necessay documents. This is a web based software to manage Attendance. Real time consolidation at Establishment Department. Running payroll. Online payslip

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